Hello! Thank you for your interest 馃槉. My name is Eduardo and I'm a teacher. Learn more about me on my 'About' page: here

My goal as a teacher is not just to impart knowledge, but to inspire and guide you in a way that you can lose me (and be independent) in your learning journey.

We can learn about: Python, or about web frameworks like Django, Flask, or FastAPI. We can also explore other topics like: object-oriented programming, unit tests, clean code or the one that you need.

It's not easy to learn new things. It's hard also to find the motivation and the resources that are good for you. In these modern times, what we have is data 馃梼锔, data 馃梼锔 and data 馃梼锔, available everywhere. However, discerning the quality of this data can be challenging. That's where a guide or companion comes in handy 馃槈. So I can help you to organize and curate the data and tell you what to use or not.

Reach out to me here or drop me an email at [email protected] and let's chat!

If you're in the Netherlands 馃嚦馃嚤, let's schedule a coffee 鈽 and chat 馃挰 about your learning objectives. If you're based elsewhere in the world 馃實, not to worry! We can set up a Zoom or Meet call to discuss how I can assist you in your coding adventure.

Online Resources to Learn Python:

Impossible not to recommend ChatGPT: link I think it's one of the most important resources from our modern times. It's a great companion that could answer almost everything that you need in this field. Certainly it's not infallible, it has its caveats and you need to learn how to use it. But it's worthy. I'm using it every day.

I also recommend the following resources:

Some recommended books:

  • Beginners

    1. Grokking Algorithms link
    2. Automate the Boring Stuff with Python link
    3. Python Distilled link
  • Medium/Advance

    1. Fluent Python link
    2. Architecture Patterns with Python link
    3. System Design Interviews link